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Aug '17

As a society, we have always been obsessed with heritage bathrooms, harking back to a bygone era. Our love with this style, which is still very prominent today, has existed since Queen Victoria’s reign ended way back in 1901.

Traditional and contemporary are two of the most popular styles of bathroom suites available. Never has there been a time when the old and new fuse so well. From roll top-baths with cast iron feet to remote-controlled showers, decorated handles and column radiators to water saving toilets.

Freestanding Cabinets

Freestanding Cabinets are often the best for designing a traditional bathroom suite. Resting slightly off the ground on four feet, these look great with an inset basin, paired with twisty, period-effect taps. Subtle colours work excellently with traditional bathroom furniture, but this can be jazzed up by having a statement wall colour – the contrast between the two will be very striking and effective.

Freestanding Baths

The centre piece of any self-respecting Victorian Bathroom is, of course, the glorious, freestanding bath. Freestanding tubs are available in a variety of materials, however, those that combine acrylic sheets and stone resin offer the perfect combination of comfort and affordability. The thermal quality of this material allows you to soak in a warm bath for longer! 

Fusing the old with the new

These days, adopting a traditional, heritage style does not mean you have to sacrifice on tech and efficiency. There are many ways in which you can benefit from the latest advancements in bathroom technology while maintaining that heritage theme you desire.

With the increases in population and water demands, the bathroom of the future will include appliances that reduce your water usage. Eco Flush Toilets are the toilets that consume very little water, it is possible to save up to 80% of water.

Often find yourself craving those precious extra minutes in bed in the morning? The Aqualisa Quartz Digital Remote could be the answer, allowing you to warm the water in the shower whilst laid in bed. This convenient, discreet device changes colour to let you know when the water is up to temperature, allowing you to go straight from the warmth of your bed to the warmth of your shower in seconds.

Sometimes it is the little things that make life easier and there is nothing more frustrating than doing your post-bathroom beauty routine in front of a misty mirror. A demister mirror helps take out the frustration of mist on bathroom cabinets and it's not ideal to use your hands to clear the mist! Demister bathrooms utilise infra-red sensors, demister pads and shaver sockets, not only ensuring that you make the most out of your beauty routines, but also that the mist is cleared away swiftly and efficiently.

Imagine walking into your bathroom onto your tiled floor and feeling nothing but cosiness and warmth. Underfloor heating in bathrooms is no longer a luxury with the eco-film pro electric underfloor heating system so easy to install and very inexpensive.

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This bathroom is beautifully on trend; a true fusion of the old and the new. The wallpaper gives this traditional bathroom a modern feel, while the potential addition of a high-level toilet next to the free-standing bath tub could provide that authentic traditional look.

A high-level toilet is where the cistern is fitted high up on the wall and is connected to the pan with a long, chrome flush pipe. The flush is operated with a pull chain. The cistern needs to be fitted to a solid wall, or a wall that’s been reinforced to ensure it can bear the weight, so make sure to take this into consideration before buying.

Vibrant and beautiful wallpaper looks amazing with the traditional look of a heritage bathroom or even with a show stopping print that can really give it a touch of glam.

Looking to rejuvenate your home with a heritage style bathroom? Be inspired by the wonderful projects of our retail members here.

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