Two-Tone Kitchen Inspiration from Ashford Interiors 17
Apr '18

Two-Tone Kitchens have become a statement over the past couple of years. The kitchen has long been the ‘hub of the home’, where families and friends love to gather, so why not show it off with different colours and contrasts!

Contrasting two colours or tones into your kitchen can really reflect your personality in your new space. There are never-ending possibilities, so here we have picked some of our favourites, and showcased some of the displays we have in our Farnham Common Showroom.

We love the contrast of Limestone and Anthracite in the new Savoy range from Sheraton. The Savoy is a handle-less shaker, giving a twist to the original shaker style door, perfect if you are not looking for handles in your new kitchen, but are still wishing for the look of a shaker style door. The lighter wall units, contrasted with the darker base units as shown here enhance the space and make your kitchen look larger, keeping a sophisticated look. With 15 painted colours over the variety of ranges, you can choose the contrast that best fits your personality, reflecting you in your new space.

The contrast of Limestone with Oxford Blue is a powerful statement. Here we see this combination in the Manor House range as displayed in our Farnham Common Showroom. The Oxford Blue is fast becoming one of the most popular painted colours that Sheraton have to offer. The dark tones compliment the warmth of the Limestone perfectly and they work together harmoniously. Paired with a light quartz worktop with a bevelled edge from Silestone and the Antique Silver Mirror, this truly is a stunning traditional kitchen display.

Combining one colour in your kitchen, with a contrasting colour or texture, such as the Bellato Grey pictured here, really enhances the difference between the units, catching your eye. The fantastic thing about designing your ideal kitchen, is that you can decide exactly where you want to make a statement in order to make your dreams become reality.

You could also combine a colour in your kitchen with a woodgrain door. The combination of texture shown here is New England Oak with Gloss Cashmere. The woodgrain doors add more texture to your space and can give a natural warmth, perfect if you have an open plan kitchen come living space and want it to feel warmer and flow throughout. This gorgeous modern kitchen really makes a statement with the open shelving. By incorporating the Gloss Cashmere finish it accentuates the stylish look of these two door styles.

In our Farnham Common Showroom, we display our Mattonella Gloss Cashmere range with a contrasting Gladstone Oak woodgrain finish. We have combined these two together as they compliment each other perfectly. Pairing the light gloss Cashmere finish with a dark woodgrain door is another way to introduce a powerful statement with not only the colours contrasting but the textures, from a matt textured woodgrain, to a smooth, reflective gloss also. With a factory fitted handle, the contemporary units flow seamlessly.

You could also have a more subtle contrast of colouring within your kitchen, in order to have two colours you love, without either colour overpowering the other. This Painted Ivory and Painted Cashmere collaboration is a fantastic example of this. The colours accompany each other beautifully, leaving a sophisticated impression to the area.

There are a wide variety of collaborations you can make within your new kitchen space to express character throughout the whole area. From an initial design visit, it is imperative that you create your dream space with every aspect considered. Then, if you are unable to choose one colour, or want to make a statement, why not choose two! On our website we have a kitchen visualiser, provided by our manufacturers, Sheraton. If you are looking at combining one colour in your new kitchen, why not try out all of the possibilities before making any kind of decision at your design stages. This helps to visualise what each painted colour looks like, in a selection of the ranges available.

We offer a no-obligation design visit and planning service with computer aided design software. This helps our clients visualise their renovation project and make adjustments right for them. We are passionate to transform your space into somewhere you love spending your time. Our showrooms in Ashford, Middlesex and Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire are open 9:00 – 17:30 Monday to Saturday. We invite you to our large showrooms, for inspiration towards your new kitchen space!

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