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Feb '18

All Your Questions About The Shaker Kitchen answered by The Ream Kitchen Designers

From contemporary to classic looks, the “Shaker” recessed panel kitchen cabinet style has stood the test of time. It is no surprise that you have most likely heard of this recessed panel cabinetry profile and have a few questions about it.

At Ream, the Kitchen Designers Lara and Paul help to answer them for you: from what a shaker kitchen actually is to colour schemes and costs.

What is a shaker kitchen?

The Shaker kitchen style is unique in that it was founded in the late 1700s by the Shakers religious group derived from the United Society of Believers, who believed in using a shaking motion in their worship.

The Shakers were craftspeople who took pride in their high-quality workmanship and simplistic design when making furniture.

Paul, Ream Kitchen Designer, adds: “The Shaker cabinet is defined by a square frame and panel profile. The panel can be split into one or more sections by using pieces know as mid-rails.

“The quality of the timber and functionality of the cabinetry is the essence of a Shaker Kitchen.”

What is a shaker kitchen style?

“Shaker kitchens are based on an uncluttered and orderly approach where there is a place for everything in the kitchen,” says Lara, Ream Kitchen Designer.

Shaker cabinetry doors are versatile in both a classic, country-style kitchen as well as a modern, contemporary kitchen setting. The recessed panels are either bevelled or plain to create a simple style with an open plan kitchen design.

The Shaker kitchen features include open shelving with your most-used items, plate racks to break up a row of doors and glass fronted wall units to display your treasures.

A central kitchen island or a dresser can add character based on the space in your kitchen design.

What colour is a shaker kitchen?

Traditionally, local timber was used for shaker kitchens and then stained or painted with colours ranging from blue, green red and yellow.

Today, Shaker kitchens are popular in white, ivory, blues and wooden grain textures. Adopting a classic palette like this allows you to design a bespoke kitchen that compliments the rest of your home beautifully.

As mentioned previously, shaker furniture is all about functionality and serving a purpose. The cabinet is no exception; the wood is usually cherry tree or maple. Of course, if this does not suit the style of your home you can always opt for different woodwork.

White and cream wooden cabinets work just as well to mix style with practicality. Paul adds that “the Shaker door handles traditionally were wooden knobs, but over time these have changed to cup handles or stainless steel bar handles.”

Can you paint a shaker kitchen?

“You can most certainly paint a shaker kitchen,” says Lara, Ream Kitchen Designer.

The popular shaker painted cabinets are cream, pale green as well as deep blue. Colour combinations, such as natural oak shaker cabinet door and a painted wood grain finish, tend to work well.

Shaker cabinet doors are available from matt, woodgrain to painted styles; there are various options depending on your lifestyle and preferred look.

How much does a shaker kitchen cost?

The price of a shaker kitchen will always depend on your requirements, needs and, most importantly: your budget. We’ve written a whole post about how much a brand new kitchen can cost, and you can read it here.

There’s a lot to think about when budgeting for a new kitchen - from supplier costs to fitting and buying materials. For a quote that is fully inclusive, you can rely on Ream.

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