Covid-19 Research Project for Kitchen and Bathroom Industry 15
Jul '20

The Kbsa, is supporting a research project to assess and document the recovery of the kitchen and bathroom industry in terms of market demand and opportunities as lockdown restrictions are lifted.  The project which is being undertaken by leading industry market research companies, Trend-Monitor Ltd and JKMR, will track demand from kitchen and bathroom retailers, up to the end of 2020, to provide valuable data on buying patterns.

A second ‘demand’ index based on sales data from a wide range of kitchen and bathroom product manufacturers will also be compiled.

These two indexes form part of a wider ‘macro to micro’ assessment of how the Covid-19 crisis is impacting on the industry as a whole. The complete study will investigate new consumer purchase behaviours for kitchens and bathrooms, changing consumer behaviours in the home, and how these changes will influence the type of products purchased for homes in the future.

Kbsa National Account Manager Allister Reed said, “There is a lot of anecdotal evidence pointing to a ‘pent-up’ demand for kitchen and bathroom products after lockdown restrictions are lifted. This research will enable us to examine how reliable this evidence is. 

“The results will help us understand the pace at which the industry is recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 crisis, and plan for the future in a more proactive way.

“We are encouraging as many of our members as possible to become involved and support this research. Those that do participate will have access to the national sales and project indexes, and all contributors will also be able to see the results from two other planned phases of the study, that will look more closely at behaviour and demand.”

Companies interested in taking part in the research can visit the Trend-Monitor website for more information. Click here to visit.

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