Kbsa Comment on 2015 Budget 19
Mar '15

The Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedroom Specialists Association (Kbsa) believes that the budget will help businesses large and small, with some additional benefits for consumers – giving them more confidence

  to spend.

  Graham Ball, Chief Executive Officer, said ‘I think that the overall impact will be on the positive side which should give many consumers more confidence to continue spending. Many of the measures have been

  widely trailed, and the scrapping this Autumn’s planned fuel duty rise is welcomed, particularly, as The Chancellor indicated, by ‘white van man’!

  Whilst the formal announcement of a review of the structure of business rates is welcome, I would be holding back on that one, as the devil will be in the detail, and the timing will no doubt be longer term, which is extremely disappointing, as sme’s in particular need help now.

  The continuation of the Help To Buy Scheme with the new ISA should be welcome too, as housing market movements have been a traditional spur to more business for the kbb sectors.

  The regional initiatives and enterprise zones will help in the designated areas, and the major infrastructure projects for the South West.

  As ever, until the analysts have completed their hours in a dark room scrutinising the small print to find any flaws, it looks like it’s ‘steady as she goes’!


  Rabbit….Chancellor…..hat! I think not.’

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