Jan '17

Kbsa, the Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom Specialist Association has appointed Optima Graphic Design Consultants to design, host and develop the Kbsa website. Optima were awarded the contract following a set of interviews, meetings, presentations and costed proposals.

“We were delighted to rekindle the relationship with the Kbsa” explained Managing Director Simon Shaw. “We have some really strong clients in the sector including Ashford Kitchens and Interiors Ltd and Chiselwood and working again with the sectors leading membership association is a natural progression. We are thrilled but also very aware of the expectations on us to deliver a successful site and the large amounts of improvements we need to bring to the site to ensure that it becomes the sector leading site it needs to be!”

Optima have wasted no time in refreshing the site, refocusing its priorities and delivering phase one quickly and efficiently – including a minor brand refresh. “It is key to us that we deliver increased leads for its members, more consumer awareness of the Kbsa and a bigger Kbsa family that can pick up the leads in areas where there are few or no members. We need to make everything work as hard as possible, everything needs to be right so the brand refresh was really important.”

“With the website it’s all about listening, understanding the goals and objectives and then creating an achievable plan to deliver those goals. The new site needs to move the Kbsa forward and put Inspiration at its heart. The mantra of – “Find a retailer, be inspired and buy with confidence is key to the new site”. Optima have prioritised the key information architecture to achieve this, created a new structure and plan to achieve that. The initial consumer facing area is built and already seeing big improvements in getting the right traffic to the site – plenty still to go but a great start. We have built a strong, clear new site – now we need the traffic to the site!”

Optima have recommended working with Knapton Wright, a marketing company who specialise in Social Media to drive the traffic to the site. Knapton Wright have already analysed the present Social media routes and have established 2 new routes to Kbsa audiences – through Instagram and Houzz.

Comment from Alex Wright

“It is early days but analytics and feedback have all been very positive. Optima are currently developing the customer feedback section and streamlining the member’s area. Their key aim now is to make it easier for Kbsa members to improve their presence online through the Kbsa site, showcase their amazing work and win more business from the public looking for local suppliers that inspire them and that they can have the upmost confidence in.”

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