Kbsa Offers Mediation Service For Members 4
Apr '19

The Kbsa has introduced a mediation service for members that can help resolve potential disputes swiftly and economically.

The service is provided by Focus Mediation, a company that has an above average rate of over 90% in assisting parties to reach successful settlements and resolutions.

Kbsa members will get access to a team of fully accredited mediators, with one main point of contact and two dedicated mediators to handle each Kbsa case. Mediations will usually be completed within 14 days, subject to everyone’s availability.

Kbsa national chair Richard Hibbert says, “This is a great benefit for our members. No one wants to have to a dispute on their hands but they do happen. Mediation is a fast and efficient way to try to resolve conflicts at an early stage before they become more contentious and costly.”

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