Kbsa Says Rise in Induction Hobs is Changing Dominance of Gas in the Kitchen 27
Feb '19

The Kbsa responded to the Committee on Climate Change's ‘UK housing: Fit for the future?’ report - published last week, by reporting that gas is losing its dominance in the kitchen in favour of induction for cooking.

Kbsa former retail chair and showroom owner Tina Riley said, “We have not sold a gas cooker for almost 10 years now, built in electric ovens and induction hobs are by far the most popular choices.  Gas hobs are now very rare, unless customers are opting for a range cooker, when they are most likely to opt for electric ovens and gas hobs.

“Induction hobs are energy efficient, stylish, safe and very easier to clean.  They score on energy efficiency because they are so quick.  An induction hob will typically bring a pan of water to the boil in about two thirds of the time of a gas hob.  They also provide much greater control, constant and precise temperatures that keep cooking times to a minimum.

“With consumers naturally moving towards induction and an ever increasing range of energy efficient appliances available for the home, there is opportunity for the kitchen industry to support the government’s objectives.”

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