Jan '15

Following the reports that this year’s SBS achieved some £36m more than 2013, the KBSA has suggested that whilst just 1 event each year does deliver additional sales, it actually helps only those with a seasonality that favours Christmas, and suggests that to keep the sme sector alive for the whole year, there should be more frequent events which would enable sectors that are not driven by Christmas sales to enjoy some additional exposure.

  The small businesses in the UK are all different, and seasonality for each sector is very different so their needs are also different, and this should be the driver for more frequent sme campaigns. Independents in all sectors should look to their customers more in their battle against bigger outlets, and that means they may have to adapt to today’s consumer by looking at their opening hours – by reviewing whether to close on a mid-week afternoon, or opening later or for some time on a Sunday.

  UK shopping habits are changing dramatically as evidenced by the manner in which supermarket shopping has changed with consumers shopping more often and with smaller purchases….but changes will continue, and independents must keep pace – or else! Graham Ball, Chief Executive Officer, said ‘We need government to get real about the issues facing sme’s and stop meddling around the edges They should implement immediately the Small Business Department, suggested by many, and staff it with people who understand and are prepared to work with small businesses in the UK. As a key driver of the UK economy, to me it,s a no-brainer!’

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