Jan '15

The Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA) have issued a warning to consumers to research any purchase of a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom thoroughly before they buy – particularly in the months of January, February and March – when many retailers are involved in ‘SALE’ activities. It is a well established fact that pricing can be somewhat ‘variable’ due to existing legislation, and the Association suggests that consumer get at least 2 competitive quotes to ensure they do get real value for money.

  Independent Specialist retailers are often to be found with similar prices, but the real value and service they get will be far higher than many others – and it is always worth getting at least 1 quote from an independent. The KBSA have produced an updated ‘Consumer Guide’ along with a ‘Code of Practice’ – which are full of useful tips and hints for any consumer thinking about a new room project. These can be downloaded directly from the KBSA website or ordered directly from the KBSA Head Office, Unit L4A Mill 3, Pleasley Vale Business Park, Mansfield, Notts, NG19 8RL

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