Kbsa Welcomes Level Playing Field for Independent Showrooms 20
Nov '20

The Kbsa has welcomed the news that Wren and Magnet are to close their stores in accordance with the latest government guidelines.

Kbsa national chair Richard Hibbert said, “We have been relentless in our pursuit of Trading Standards to clarify the position of Wren and Magnet, since the guidelines were changed on Monday, with kitchen and bathroom showrooms being included in a list of retail stores required to close”.

“It was disadvantageous to our members and all independent showrooms that Wren and Magnet had chosen to keep their showrooms open, despite clear guidance that they should close”.

“We understand from our discussions with Trading Standards that the Primary Authority responsible for Wren nationally has withdrawn their previous advice that Wren could stay open.”

“The current lockdown is challenging for all retailers, as an association we do not wish to see any business in difficulty but we must protect our member’s interests, and have worked hard to ensure that level playing field is maintained in terms of closures”.

“The remaining weeks of the year will no doubt present new challenges for independent retailers.  Our support networks remain in place for members to discuss any issues and our HR and legal partners will continue their relevant updates and webinars to help members negotiate their way through this lockdown and beyond.”

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