Kitchen Shape 17
Jul '14

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and this can be quite a challenge when planning the layout of a new kitchen so that all family members can make best use of the space. L shape kitchens - these are very popular in family homes although they can be difficult to plan. If you have the luxury of a large room you can incorporate an island within the design. Islands are the ‘must have’ item for most home owners and finding the space to incorporate an island that can acts as a focal point for the family is key. Islands can act as a room divider when a kitchen/diner is planned and provide an area to gather and chat as well as to work.

  Galley kitchens - Where space is limited and a one walled galley kitchen is the only option, there is usually only sufficient space for one family member to work at a time. A microwave and fridge placed at the end of the run will allow children to fetch snacks and drinks without obstructing mum or dad preparing dinner. Specifying floor to ceiling cabinets can help make best use of limited space, although this needs to be balanced to avoid creating a feeling of being closed in. Most manufacturers also offer a wide range of different sizes of furniture and compact appliances to offer flexibility in your design.

  U-shaped kitchens - these can be extended to form a peninsula where an island is not possible and this extra worktop space can be used to create a breakfast bar. The disadvantages with U shaped kitchens are that work stations are further apart which isn’t as practical – so consider careful placement of appliances when designing.

  Also storage needs careful consideration especially with corner cupboards. There are lots of clever wire storage solutions available to solve this problem
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