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Jul '14

Top Tips for Taps include:

  • Choose taps at the start of your planning – it’s much easier to adjust plumbing before fitting rather than after.
  • Match the size of tap with the size of your kitchen - smaller taps for small basins and larger taps for bigger fixtures.
  • For a touch of luxury add a hot tap – they can provide hot, cold and filtered water all from one tap

  Styles of taps:

  Pillar style
The pillar style comprises a pair of taps, one for hot water and one for cold. They’re cheap, simple to fit and come with traditional cross head or lever handles. Taps with shrouded heads of plastic or metal covering most of the body are also easy for gripping - excellent for elderly users.

  Mixer taps
This single-body style mixes hot and cold water in the body of the tap. Two handles either side of the tap control water flow, making it easy to regulate temperature and prevent burns. Check your water pressure before buying mixer taps as they need relatively high pressure to work well.

  Dual flow
The dual flow provides a single stream of water, but prevents unequal pressure by keeping the hot and cold water flows separate within the body of the tap. Dual flows are ideal when you want a mixer tap but have unequal pressure between your hot and cold supplies.

A single lever controls the hot and cold flow through one mixer tap. Monobloc taps are very neat, offer ease of control and minimalist fans will love the pared-down design. Check your water pressure before fitting, as the Monobloc only works if the pressure in your hot and cold water supplies is almost equal.

An essential for wet areas around the sink, and for behind the cooker, splashbacks can be incorporated into the kitchen as a real design feature if that’s the way you want to go.

  From simple tiling through to metal or even glass made to your own specification, it’s a great way to add a designer touch to individualise your space. From floral designs through to vibrant blocks of colour, there are some fantastic looks currently on the market.
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