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Jul '14

Tina Riley, owner of Leamington based Modern Home, gives her predictions for 2014’s hottest kitchen trends.

  2013 was an amazing year, but now the New Year is here it’s time to start looking ahead. If you’re thinking of a new kitchen this year, then read on and get inspired by my predictions for 2014’s biggest trends.

  Natural colours and materials will be making a splash this year, with earthy tones and sustainable materials already becoming a significant feature of upcoming designs. Exotic timbers such as bamboo will be a major trend in 2014 kitchens, not just for the look but for the eco-benefits. Showcasing these natural materials will mean artistic use of stains and washes that allow the grain of the timber to show through the finish. One of the best uses of this trend is timber accenting in a light coloured kitchen, giving an earthy edge that isn’t overwhelming.

  If you’re searching for a bolder look, think dashes of colour – coloured glass splash boards, and high gloss units set against a more neutral background. For our brave and style savvy customers we will be recommending our brand new metallic gloss finishes to bring a chic and unusual flavour to your kitchen. Textured, laminate finish doors will also be on the rise, ideal for anyone looking to make a subtler style statement.

  Open plan living areas remain extremely popular, with the kitchen increasingly becoming the heart of the home for many. To achieve this, you need a certain amount of flexibility, so you can tailor your kitchen to each occasion and combine practicality with comfort. Neutral base colours are advisable, from there you can accessorise with soft furnishings and unusual free standing pieces to suit each situation. Space is a must for multi-function kitchens. Conventionally kitchens were designed to group the most used appliances together, but that was based on a maximum of two occupants. With communal area kitchens, designers take care to space out appliances tailored to the way your household operates to avoid crowding and collisions.

  If you have a small kitchen, there are plenty of fantastic innovations to help you maximize the space you have. Pull out features and clever corner storage solutions are top trends for small kitchens, and electric unit doors are extremely popular with those who love their gadgets. Making the most out of a tighter space is made easier by the recent influx of ‘compact’ ranges and space saving appliances, so for 2014 get excited about making your small kitchen fabulous.

  The app controlled kitchen is probably going to be the most important trend for 2014, with products entering the market that revolutionise how we operate in a kitchen. Time is at a premium these days; so many apps are designed as shortcuts to get things done quicker. For example, the Smart Fridge that connect to the internet and re-orders foods you run out of, or appliances that can be remotely controlled via smart phone – you can time the kettle to boil as you step through the front door. My favourite techno innovation for 2014 is ‘the self-healing door’, which means if a door is scratched or bumped, the technology within it will simply fix it back to its unblemished original self! Miraculous!

  So that’s my forecast for kitchen trends 2014- I look forward to trying out some of these new products with you.
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