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Jul '14

Whether you want an ultra sociable kitchen or functional showcase kitchen, extra time taken at the planning stage is essential. The Ultra-Sociable Kitchen

  Not just a place to cook and wash up, this kitchen is where the family congregates, where dinner parties happen and where the children do their homework. If you are planning on a new, ultra-sociable kitchen, here are some tips from the KBSA:

The functional show kitchen
These kitchens are for busy people, who rarely plan to cook or entertain. If your dream is to have a sleek minimalistic showroom, then feel free to choose style over functionality. However, if your lifestyle is likely to change, then really do consider carefully before you spend your hard-earned cash.

  1. Ideally you should put your kitchen units along two adjacent walls to create two different areas; one for the cooking, storage and washing up and a relaxing area for dining, socialising and entertaining.
  3. If your kitchen backs on to the garden then it is best to plan the space so that the dining/entertaining area looks out on to it. Depending on budget this will also allow for concertina windows or French doors to open up the space to the outside – lovely in warmer weather!
  5. Do not try to cram too much into your available space as this will result in an ineffective kitchen. If you do not have room for a dining table, incorporate a breakfast bar instead as this takes up less space – either as part of an island or as a shelf against the wall.
  7. If you have children then do consider using part of the island as a breakfast bar as it will allow the kids to sit and eat their snacks, do their homework or even watch and learn while you cook. Ensure the stools are the correct height and that they have a backrest, especially for younger children.
  9. Consider using different colours or textures to create distinct areas and ambiences in each space but don’t go too far – there should still be a thematic link throughout the room.
  11. Lighting is very important in a room with such different functions, therefore it would be best to have brighter lighting such as spotlights in the kitchen area and either softer lighting or lighting which can be dimmed down, in the entertaining space.
  13. In a room where you will be entertaining guests the ventilation is extremely important so choose your cooker-hood with care. With the choice available you can combine style with efficiency.
  15. The current trend is to have a relaxing area with TV or music and comfortable chairs, within the open plan kitchen space. By all means include your home comforts in this space but do bear in mind that fabrics, floor and wall coverings should be easily cleaned or of a wipeable material.


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