Which Home Decor Trends Will Rule The World In 2016? 23
Mar '16

Everyone likes to dust off their crystal ball and gaze into the future at the start of a new year, in the hope of finding some exciting and inspirational new ideas - and here at the KBSA, we’re no exception.

  So we’ve been scouting around for inspiring new themes which you can latch onto, adopt and adapt for any home improvement projects you’re embarking on in 2016.

  Some of these ideas are new, while others have been around for some time but are showing signs of standing the test of time.

  Either way, if you take note of the trends we highlight here, you’ll be sure to find plenty to inspire you and possibly even be able to visualise how you can latch onto some of them to transform your own home.



Look Through Green-Tinted Spectacles

  We don’t expect you to go the whole hog and turn your home into a fully-fledged eco-pod. But if you’re undertaking a major project such as installing a new kitchen, bathroom or home office, putting its impact on the environment and finding ways to minimise your energy consumption high on your list of objectives will help you lay the foundations for creating something which you’ll love using. Not only that, but it will also add to the value of your home by offering similar benefits to future owners.



Take Themes From The Outdoors To Inspire Your Indoors

  As you look to take refuge from the short days of the early part of the year, this idea might not seem all that appealing. But if your home improvement projects are all about maximising space, what better way to do it than by blurring the boundaries between your indoor and outdoor environment?

  A big theme for the past couple of years, as you can see here, it’s being adopted by home improvers of all kinds who are keen to showcase all that hard work they’ve also been putting into making their gardens green and pleasant havens.



Make Room For Minimalism

  Another major trend which looks to have staying power is that for de-cluttering and creating the conditions which make it possible to really maximise all the space available in our homes.

  So if your abode is starting to suffocate under the weight of all your clutter - especially if the problem has got worse during all the time you’ve been spending indoors, taking refuge from the grim weather and dark nights - now’s the time to start planning your spring clearout.

  This will allow you a clean slate on which you can really impose your personality, and give yourself a kitchen, bathroom or home study which reflects it. But if it’s a room you’re going to be working or relaxing in, starting with this idea in mind, what look, features and equipment will ensure that you can do either most efficiently and enjoyably?



Show Your Metal

  Topping many designers’ lists of in vogue materials for 2016 is metal. Used to create sharp contrasts and break up large areas of wall space, metal tiles and light fittings, along with metal-trimmed furniture, are being touted as essential elements for any room revamp.

  Whereas metal trims can easily look lost amidst a home that’s full of furniture and other trimmings, if you’re going for the minimalist look, it will really stand out and give a clean and airy look. As an extra benefit, the reflective qualities of highly-polished metal surfaces will also help make even the smallest room spaces look bigger.



Make Sure Your Rooms Really Work For You

  If any of the above fashions ignite your imagination, now’s the time to go looking for the inspiration you need to start transforming your home in 2016. And you can rely on the KBSA to help you seek out tradespeople in your area who can help you turn your vision into stunning reality.

  So start your quest for inspiring ideas today, then talk to one of our qualified and experienced members and start your journey towards creating a more inspirational and comfortable home which you can enjoy well beyond 2016.

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