Jan '17

With more and more people choosing to work from home, the question of how this integrates with your home life becomes more relevant every day.

Whether you are self-employed and use your home as a base or take work home and need a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of family life, creating a neat work area that is functional yet brilliant takes thought and planning.

Even if you just want a space for the kids to do their homework or just need a quiet spot to pay bills and organise yourself, it’s important to take the time to ensure the best work flow is encouraged.

Whatever your reasons for a home office, more space is often preferable, but the idea of giving up an entire room in your home may not be the answer. Even in the most spacious of houses, you can capitalise on making the most of a spare corner or even a few inches of space.

Through thinking about how you approach tasks and setting the space up to reflect this, you’ll be left with a smooth and refined work area in which will enjoy spending time each day.

Whether you have a spacious canvas to develop or a just a snippet of space to utilise, there are a few key things to consider when setting up your perfect office.

What space do you have available?

The free space you have in your home will dictate the size of desk you can fit in; the storage choices may seem limited, but they shouldn’t be. If you have a window in the room but don’t want to block the natural light, why not place a desk underneath and a book case on the wall (as shown here) to maximise your storage options and keep important documents organised and close at hand?

We can spend a lot of time working, head’s buried in paper working to meet the latest deadline, or getting the creative juices flowing if your work life demands affluence in design and imagination, so striking the right balance of inspiration and productivity is crucial for many. Variation on layout and design is very personal, as seen in these examples.

Clever storage options

Getting creative with storage options to suit your allocated space can make your work day more productive and more enjoyable. Smaller offices don’t require a large amount of space, just a generous helping of vision and originality.

Showcase your books and important reference material on cleverly designed shelving, maybe a ladder effect of floating shelves or a concealed desk space which neatly hides any clutter.

You may be seeking a grand desk area and plenty of storage space in the form of a wall unit, as seen here. Many retailers will help you with the design and layout, demonstrated here by Ashford Kitchens and Interiors.

Stylish décor is a must.

Another key consideration is the décor. If you’re starting from scratch, choose a colour that will inspire you, forget office beige! Whether you need calm and serene to think and make decisions, or bright and cheerful colours to encourage inspiration, make sure your office matches your personality. Add homely effects that represent you; working from home is a choice and should reflect your individuality. If you need tips on the trends of 2017, take a look here for ideas. 

Ergonomics are important!

Giving consideration to the ergonomics of your space is vital, too. Correct seating options are essential to protect your long term health, although this doesn’t mean style should be overlooked. Investing in a beautiful, supportive seat will benefit you every time you use it. 

Quality lighting should also be given consideration. If you’re not fortunate enough to work with a space that provides you with superb natural light - a windowless room, for example - a lamp and a well-placed photo or image will help get you through the long hours.

Develop a space that works for you; make your home office reflect your style and creativity, and make each work day enjoyable. You’ve already escaped the rush hour traffic, enjoy arriving at your desk each morning.

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