FROM A MATCHCBOX TO A MANSION…. we do them all… any viable budget…up to 200 miles from our Chester Showroom. Supply only-or design & full room installation….small Hotels-Developers-builders-contract works-new builds. Old barns…Churches…listed or not…..Traditional or Cutting edge 21st century minimalist schemes…..We create timeless Rooms with passion & 35 years design expertise.  From show business celebrities to world class athletes, Footballers , to Iconic business leaders… some stage-weve worked in their homes. We export Kitchens across europe,too.
Looking forward to working for you,too.
Great design costs nothing…but nobody evr regretted buying QUALITY products from UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS in chester.

We also offer

  • Kitchen specialist
  • Bathroom specialist
  • Bedroom specialist
  • Home office specialist
  • Appliance only sales
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Radiators
  • Tiles and tiling