Having completed our clients boot room the previous year, they returned to us to undertake their kitchen renovation. Their brief was to transform their under utilised space into a beautiful luxury kitchen that would be enjoyable to cook and socialise in.

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As a period property they were keen to keep as many original features as possible, working with them rather than standardising the room.

Working through the requirements, design process and space; I began by creating zones for each group of items or tasks. The first being the cooking space. With multiple areas to consider and the fixed position of the mantle for the Aga I worked from there. Fulfilling the social aspect of the brief I opted for a clean surfaced induction hob on a central island. Opposite the Aga becomes more modern with built-in combination microwaves and steam ovens. This area is also the ideal place for the tall refrigeration.

With the large amount of prep happening on the aga side of the kitchen to the right of the sink, this leaves the left to be used as a breakfast and lunch area, removing the need to cross paths or clutter the chef’s space.

The size of this island which comfortably seats 4 could easily overpower this room but working with the shape of the bay window and organising as described above has allowed for this island to sit comfortably in the centre.

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In the sink area we removed the built-in seating, relocating the plumbing to allow for the sink to overlook the surrounding areas. Working with the irregular angle I opted for square pilasters and spice drawers which can easily be angled to work with the angles of the room.

To the left of the aga there was a small nook which has been fitted with t&g panelling, framed and an oak shelf, creating continuity in the room whilst retaining the feature. Around the mantle we worked with the existing beam and exposed stone where the wall tiles follow the natural undulations of the space. Within the mantle you will see a raise quartz shelf section. This reflects the changes in height throughout the room.

To reflect the history of this property I kept as many products as possible natural with stone flooring, oak timber, veneer carcases and ash doors. The anomaly to this is the worksurface. I recommended investing in quartz as it is nonporous but cool to touch with a great range of natural effects too. As keen cooks but with busy lives the ease of maintenance with quartz over granite is well worth it.

Project Cost: £49,218

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