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The island was for presenting food and was to sit as a calm block of natural materials, the fully mitred Natural polished Panda stone is very rare and if you study the photos you can see that daylight travels through the material changing its look and it has a natural energy to it. The Ash table is also natural and solid with a living edge effortlessly this table seem to float out of the side of the island. (hidden brackets and perfect stone masonry and joinery meet here)

Above the table top is a light with filters for grease and cooking smells for when they serve food on sizzling plates, and pendant lights over the island add a warm relaxing feel in the evening.

The bank of units include a fridge and a freezer, along with double food stores and space for small appliances. In the centre are two sets of pocket door units, the left hand one is for Mr Tso who specialises in juicing, he has his own sink and above draining racks for all his daily used bowls and dishes. This unit was essential so they can both have their own space to work. The right hand double unit is for all things to do with drink, whether it is a night cap or the celebration of Tea, this unit houses it all.

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We created a slat wall to include a pocket door into the kitchen where they do all their cooking. The slat wall houses a collection of rare and valuable ceramics where we created niches perfect sized for each item with tiny led lights to enhance the colours and beauty of these pieces. We curves the slat wall around to meet the understairs area concealing storage for the vacuum and access to the consumer units etc. adding a feature wall light to add character and mood lighting.

The cooks kitchen has plenty of worktop space another fridge freezer, sinks, hob extractor and dishwasher a special niche for the Japanese worktop standing cooker and a trough for oils and spice next to the hob. This is a compact space for Mrs Tso to be able to cook a meal without making their open plan home smell and she has everything to hand.

Their home is for just the two of them and they work from home so the kitchen is used three times a day every day. We planned every detail and this little kitchen is like the engine room and allows the main kitchen to stay uncluttered and calm making the main feature the food on the table which is always presented on stunning china.

I hope that you can see that what at first may appear a simple kitchen is full of the simplicity and consideration that Taiwanese and Japanese lifestyles insist on.

The Tso’s spent £152,305.00 on their two kitchens all the preparation work and the feature slat wall. Luckily they had already searched or a kitchen and came to me with a planned spend of 150K so we managed to meet their expectations.

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Project cost: £152,305.00

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