When it comes to designing a bedroom, lighting can be an essential component to the scheme in terms of both functionality and also, the aesthetic of the space. Bedrooms are multi-functional spaces which are used not just for relaxation, but for other activities such as getting dressed, reading, watching television, and even working. A mixture of task and mood lighting should be incorporated into a bedroom design so that it functions to the best of its abilities.

If the bedroom is to be used for reading and working, it’s important that the areas where each will take place are well lit. This is particularly important when it's dark outside as it will avoid any unnecessary straining of the eyes. A reading light positioned above or to the side of the bed or desk will illuminate the areas effectively.

For added convenience in the bedroom, lighting positioned inside a wardrobe in the form of either a spotlight, rail light or strip light, will illuminate the area, making it easy to view and pick out clothes. There are re-chargeable options available nowadays which can be easily installed into a piece of bedroom furniture, which makes them easy to install because they don’t require any wiring.

When it comes to creating atmosphere and ambiance in the bedroom, lighting positioned underneath the bed will highlight the area as a point of interest, adding depth and dimension to the space, whilst also making the space feel calm, relaxing and welcoming.