The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. After all, we spend around a third of our lives asleep – and the last thing we need is to wake up to a disorganised and chaotic environment!

If you just don’t know where to begin in creating a calm and clutter-free bedroom, these handy tips from the Kbsa should give you a head start in creating the perfect bedroom.

Our top ten tips for bedroom bliss:

  1. Before you start remodelling, consider who’s using the room and what for. Children may want a playroom, teenagers will need a den with space to do homework, and adults would probably like an oasis of calm and tranquillity. Bear this in mind when planning colours, fabrics and furniture.
  2. Fitted wardrobes don’t only look good, they can also hide a multitude of sins. Hanging rails at full and half-height, built-in shelves and shoe racks, all hidden behind the wardrobe door, means there’s a tailored space for everything that could otherwise be left kicking about.
  3. Socks, scarves, ties and belts are often just shoved to the back of a shelf or drawer. Invest in a special scarf rack, tie hanger and belt hook for your wardrobe, and a drawer divider to separate those socks into pairs in the drawer.
  4. Under the bed is a good place to store items that aren’t needed every day, like extra bedlinen or winter clothes. Don’t just stuff them under the mattress, though – if you don’t have a drawer divan bed, under bed storage boxes on wheels are convenient and can be rolled out of sight when not needed.
  5. If your children’s bedroom doubles as a playroom, brightly coloured stacking toyboxes and hanging storage nets are ideal for a quick tidy up before bedtime. And you can never have too many shelves.
  6. Make sure everything you need at bedtime is close to hand on or in the bedside table: reading light, alarm clock, books and magazines.
  7. Older children will often use their bedrooms to do homework and play computer games. Create a desk area with plenty of storage for CD's and computer peripherals – a purpose built computer station is ideal – and make sure you have enough power points to avoid trailing wires.
  8. Avoid clutter on the dressing table by investing in baskets and decorative boxes to hold hair accessories, make-up and other bits and pieces.
  9. A calm, neutral colour scheme will help create a relaxed, stress free environment – which is just what you want the bedroom to be. Aim for natural fabrics in toning colours to promote the harmony and tranquillity you need.
  10. Make sure your lighting works with the décor and helps create the right mood. Ambient lighting works best: wall-mounted and table lamps create pools of light whilst uplighters will illuminate the room gently. Clip-on lights are great on kids’ beds and a dimmer switch on your main ceiling light will help soften the effect.