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Apr '18

There are many benefits of having a tiled bathroom. They are cost-effective, practical, durable, and offer plenty of style options.

Adding bathroom tiles can be a marvellous way of updating your room without the need of a complete renovation. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to decide on the right tiles for your bathroom.

From flooring tiles to feature wall tiles, here are some of the best bathroom tile ideas for 2018.

Coloured Tiles​

Colourful tiles can be delightful in terms of enhancing your bathroom design, but how do you decide what shade is right for your wall and floor tiles?

When picking the colours of your bathroom tile design, keep in mind that it’s best to opt for shades either next to or opposite each other on the colour wheel.

Colours next to one another will always lend a complementing effect to ensure a harmonious and on-trend style. Alternatively, colours opposite each other, such as blue and orange, will contrast positively to create a lively and energetic space.

To zero in on a coloured bathroom tile idea, consider what atmosphere you’d like to create. If you seek a soothing effect, you should opt for a cool blue or white. If you would prefer a vibrant bathroom, pick a bright colour such as orange or purple. 

Grey Bathroom Tiles

Grey has quickly become the go-to option in terms of bathroom design, so why not add this sought-after trend to your bathroom tiles?

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When layered correctly, neutral grey tones create a modern, rich, contrasting yet harmonious effect in your tiled bathroom. Combine your grey tile bathroom with a splash of colour elsewhere and you can rest assured that you’ve latched onto a bathroom trend that is here to stay.

White Wall Tiles and Bathroom Flooring

Similar to grey, white tiles are an excellent neutral option that will never go out of fashion. Choosing white tiles for your bathroom will ensure a sophisticated atmosphere and allows you to add more vibrant colours elsewhere, such as your taps or shower, for example.

If your bathroom is limited in terms of natural light, white bathroom floor tiles and wall décor are an excellent alternative to provide light and create the impression of space.

Staying on top of cleaning your bathroom is essential, but keep in mind that white wall and floor tiles make owning an effective bathroom tile cleaner especially important.

Black and White Tiles

If you are looking for contrasting colours that combine contemporary with classic, consider the timeless aesthetics of black and white tiles.

Black and white wall and bath tiles fuse together perfectly, with the white tiles reflecting light and the black tiles absorbing it.

Functional, practical and elegant, check out some of the classy examples of black and white bathroom tiles below:

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Patterned Bathroom Tiling Ideas

While picking one shade or colour in two separate finishes can add texture and glamour to your bathroom, you may prefer something a bit more striking. This is when patterned bathroom tiles can be a tremendous option.

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When deciding on a pattern, you may be able to draw inspiration from a feature within your bathroom design, such as your bath or sink. Drawing an accent colour from this particular feature will help pull together the various elements that make up your bathroom design.

When seeking a unique pattern for your bathroom tiles, consider using them as a feature to highlight a particular area. For example, you can use neutral colours and finishes for the floor and wall tiles while assigning eye-catching, patterned tiles around the sink or bath.

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Mosaic and intricate graphic patterns can be a perfect means of adding some much-needed depth to your bathing area. Another option would be to use accents within your bathroom design. A splash of colour can soften the overall look of your bathroom while drawing attention to and adding a touch of interest to your bath or sink.

Bathroom Tile Shapes & Sizes

The size of the floor and wall tiles make or break the desired effect of your bathroom.

When it comes to sizing, there are various rules of thumb. If you have a small bathroom, big tiles can help provide an impression of space, but be wary not to opt for tiles that are too large, as these could end up overpowering the room.

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If texture is what you seek, smaller tiles, in particular ones with a stylish finish or pattern, are a great way to achieve this. A long bathroom will certainly benefit from rectangular-shaped tiles spread across the length of the room.

As tiles are getting more diverse, manufactures have started to test new shapes and sizes. Geometric tiles have recently come into fashion, in particular the hexagonal shapes due to their unique and distinctive style. On the other hand, square, equal tiles still remain a popular, timeless classic if you prefer a safer choice for your bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Materials

As well as varying sizes, bathroom tiles also come in a range of materials and finishes. Explore our guide below to decide on the perfect type of tile for your bathroom.

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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic wall and floor tiles are often regarded as the most affordable, as well as the most flexible in terms of style. Ceramic tiles are naturally porous and easy to maintain, and a glaze is often added to harden their exterior.

Choosing a ceramic bathroom tile design will present you with a wide range of options in terms of colour and shape.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are part of the ceramic tile family but tend to be a better option for bathtubs and showers due to their increased absorbency and denser nature.

Like ceramic tiles, porcelain is very easy to clean and highly resistant to stains and scratches, however, they can be cold and slippery if you opt not to texture them.

Glass Tiles

Looking for an alternative to porcelain or ceramic that’s just as easy to clean? If your bathroom receives plenty of natural light, make the most of it by opting for glass wall tiles.

This type of bathroom tile is smooth and reflective and could be the final piece of the puzzle for your unique bathroom design.

Marble Tiles

If you seek a luxurious, opulent bathroom design, marble is the way to go.

Synonymous with striking yet grand interior architecture, marble wall and floor tiles will transform your bathroom into the relaxing and elegant space you desire.

Matt or gloss bathroom tiles?

When deciding on the finish of your bathroom, you’ll need to consider your lighting, as well as the mood you’re hoping to achieve.

If your bathroom receives plenty of light and you want to make the most of this, gloss tiles are the ideal solution. Shiny and reflective, gloss tiles are absolutely ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Matt tiles, on the other hand, are better suited for larger bathrooms that boast excellent lighting design. This type of bathroom tile is often used for flooring due to its non-slip finish and ability to hide smudges and dried water droplets.

Keep in mind that both matt and gloss tiles can work in any bathroom – contemporary or traditional – it all depends on the overall aesthetics of the space.

Turning your bathroom wall and floor tile ideas into a reality

Are you ready to start thinking about which bathroom tiles you need to perfect your bathroom project? Our retail members are ready to showcase their expertise and advise you on important design techniques, as well as turn your ideas into a reality when it comes to installation.

If you’re still in the design inspiration phase of your project, why not explore our bathroom gallery to gain and develop your current ideas?

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