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Mar '18

With the winter months finally at an end, it’s high time we embrace spring. Let’s not settle for just a spring clean this year, but rather embrace spring’s best kitchen designs and transform our home for the rest of 2018!

Follow these latest trends and spruce up your home for the warm weather and lighter evenings.

Pantone’s Ultraviolet

One of the most important current trends is following Pantone’s colour of the year: Ultraviolet. As the authority on colour, Pantone are renowned for being leaders in predicting upcoming colour trends.

It is no surprise that Ultraviolet has made it into the latest kitchen designs. Bold colours are an increasingly popular trend this year, and this regal colour will enable your kitchen to exude luxury and elegance. 

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Ice-cream Colours

These colours are the epitome of summertime. Even the name ‘ice-cream colour’ is suggestive of joyous days and glorious sunshine. Spring is the perfect time for you to gradually progress your kitchen design into the bright delights which summer brings.

This trend is a great way of injecting a bit of fun into your kitchen. Mix up paint colours or create a complimentary palette to tailor these colours to your taste, then accessorise with pastel items.

You could add an ice-cream colour of your choice to a wall in your kitchen, then compliment it with a pastel vase, tea towel or chair, for example.


If ice-cream colours and pastels are not quite your style, shades of blue could be for you.

Consider painting your kitchen indigo blue, or use cobalt blue or teal to accessorise. Either way, implementing this colour will see you comfortably through the year’s latest trends.

If you choose to accessorise rather than go bold with your walls, try to mix and match. Different shades and heights of your accessories (such as vases) can create a dynamic display in your kitchen.

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Metallic Accents

Copper continues from the spring trends of 2017, though we’re opening up to other metallic surfaces. Gold and copper can be used to give a luxurious finish to handles, light fixtures, small appliances and even your kitchen taps.

These metals can both be enhanced by the green and blue trends, too, as the warmth of their tones will be brought out by these colours.

Green Cabinets

As an evolution of previous years’ blue cabinet trend, green cabinets have emerged as the current trend for 2018.

For a heritage or rustic look in your kitchen, go for a slightly muddy undertone to your cabinets. You can also use this colour to enhance the warmth of brass fixtures.

The beauty of this particular colour is its versatility in having warm and cool hues. If you wish for a more open kitchen, shades of teal, sage and mint green are light enough to brighten the room.

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Two-Tone Cabinets

Multi-tone cabinets are an excellent way to compliment different colours and textures. Mixing materials, patterns and colours can create a dynamic look and give your kitchen a new edge.

For example, you could use white cabinetry to lighten the room while using wooden drawer faces to create a warmer atmosphere.

This is also an excellent way to combine a number of different current trends! Use green, blue or ice-cream coloured drawer faces with a complimentary cabinet to show you’re keeping on top of the latest and best kitchen designs.

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