Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Kitchen that Won’t Cost the Earth – 5 Top Tips from Ruach Kitchens 23
May '18

We understand our actions impact the planet. With the ongoing movement against plastic and a better understanding of sustainable sourcing, green is no longer just a ‘buzzword’. As consumers, we’re beginning to make smarter choices when it comes to purchasing goods and adapting our homes.

For big-ticket items like new kitchens, people are flexing their purchasing power by making decisions based on the environmental credentials of materials and suppliers. Most of us want to be as responsible and ‘green’ as possible. The industry feels the same. So, if you’re thinking of updating your kitchen design it’s easier than ever to make it eco-friendly. From kitchen cabinets to appliances, manufacturers are selecting materials with care and developing technology to save energy and reduce waste.

But with a dizzying array of options now available how can you make the right choices and still get the kitchen of your dreams? Here at Ruach Kitchens, we’re used to advising our clients on how to go green, so we’ve put together our top five tips on new kitchen ideas that won’t cost the earth:

1. Insist on sustainable wood

The appeal of a beautifully crafted timber kitchen never fades. The timeless and elegant appearance of wood, whether painted or original grain, suggests quality and style. However, if you want the look without the guilt, insist on wood sourced from sustainably managed forests from providers that respect the environment and local community. Good quality suppliers are keen to promote their eco-credentials, making this information easier to obtain. Our kitchen manufacturers Mobalpa and Daval both responsibly source their timber, so we can trust where it has come from.

2. Choose higher-rated appliances

Kitchen appliances must now carry a European Energy Label, displaying their energy efficiency rating. Each machine is graded A+++ to D, from the most to the least energy efficient. If you’re selecting a new dishwasher, fridge, washing machine or electric oven, the power to control your energy usage is in your hands. The higher the rating the higher the price, however over time the cost-savings from lower energy bills will offset the initial expense.

3. Make recycling part of your day

Don’t let the wow factor of your new kitchen disappear under a pile of rubbish. When planning your new kitchen design, factor in a place for recyclable waste so you’re not tempted to throw it into the normal bin. Clever integrated recycling bins, hidden behind cabinets, will encourage recycling as part of your everyday routine. If you’re replacing your old kitchen, why not recycle it by selling or giving it to someone who will love it for a few more years? Alternatively, reuse the cabinets in your garage to organise your space.

4. Consider the finer details

Whether you’re planning to give your kitchen a quick refresh or sourcing a new one, there are a range of ways to incorporate recycled and eco-friendly products to stunning effect. The modern industrial trend in kitchen design, using metal and glass, lends itself perfectly to recycled features such as glass worktops, splashbacks and stainless-steel sinks – consisting of 70% recycled metal. Select environmentally friendly paints that don’t contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can be dangerous to the environment. Our handmade kitchens use Little Greene and Farrow and Ball paint containing natural ingredients, in a rainbow of eye-catching shades.

Here at Ruach Kitchens, we urge our customers to consider buying a kitchen that will be loved for years to come rather than buying what is the 'trendiest' at the time. This brings longevity to your kitchen rather than feeling the need to change it after a few years to keep up with the fashion.

5. It’s how you use your kitchen

From making sure the dishwasher is full to switching appliances off when they’re not in use, how you use your kitchen has an enormous part to play in conserving energy and minimising water usage. The latest dishwasher models use significantly less water than washing by hand, especially if they’re stacked full or on the half-load setting. Thinking green is the first step towards reducing our carbon footprint on the planet.

At Ruach Kitchens we design beautiful kitchens that aim to protect the planet’s future as well as delivering a breath-taking look. We help our customers select environmentally friendly products and cabinetry that will stand the test of time and create a space that is treasured for years to come, keeping waste to a minimum.

If you’re looking for a new, greener kitchen our expert design team are on hand to offer advice via a free design visit. Call us on 01959 561333 or visit ruachdesigns.co.uk for more information.

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