Smart Home Technology: Where do we start? 6
Jun '18

Years ago, we would have viewed smart homes as a fascinating work of fiction. Now however, this particular idea is progressing into reality. With the right technology – and setup – we can bring even the most traditional homes into modernity. 

Whether your home has a country, minimalist or bold design, new technologies can subtly bring them into future.

These are the smart home technologies you should keep on your watchlist…

Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers have become part of the central ‘hub’ for your smart home technology. They are easily ready to connect to a multitude of apps from your phone and other devices.

Through voice commands to the speaker’s home ‘assistant’ (either Google, Alexa, Siri or Cortana) you can control music, lights, heating and your television. You can also ask for the news, weather, travel times, timers and alarms.

Examples: Google Home, Amazon Echo.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats are an excellent addition to any home. These devices allow you to control your heating remotely. The greatest feature of these gadgets is the way they can help enhance your home’s efficiency and save you money in the long run.

When you leave for a holiday, or even just for work, there is no panic over whether you turned the heating off that morning. Simply find the app on your phone, switch everything off from there and carry on with your day. Alternatively, if it’s a freezing cold day, you can have the house warmed up for when you get home!

Examples: Nest, Hive.

Smart Bulbs

Imagine being able to control every light in your house from you mobile or smart speaker. With just one swipe of the finger or voice command, you could dim the lights to create atmosphere or get them to flit between red, blue, purple and green if you’re hosting a party.

Again, like the smart meters and thermostats, these smart gadgets can give you peace of mind and an energy efficient home. There is no panic half-way to work, just access the app and keep on going.                                                                         

Examples: Philips Hue, LIFX Bulbs.

Smart Cooking Gadgets

One thing many people dread about coming home from work is having to cook tea. That’s where modern kitchen technologies come in. There are a variety of devices which will cook your meals from the moment you press go on your phone. While there is still preparation you will have to do, these gadgets will certainly save you time.

From pressure cookers to sous-vide, you can start the cooking process before you have even set foot outside of your office. What could be better than coming home to a meal, ready and waiting? Not to mention the extra time to relax in the evening!

Examples: Anova Precision Cooker, Tefal Cook4Me Connect.

Smart Locks

There is no bigger worry when you leave home than the fear that you haven’t locked the front or backdoors. Take that anxiety away with a smart lock. These handy devices register how far away you are and lock the door accordingly.

Some have an added bonus where you can create passcodes for guests, family and friends. So, if you’re late home and don’t want to leave people waiting on your doorstep, you can let them into your property.

Examples: August Smart Lock, SimpliSafe Home Security System.

It really doesn’t matter which room you choose to modernise; these smart gadgets are certainly there to make life easier. From saving panic to time and energy, the revolution of the smart home has gotten off to a great start.

Things can only get better from here, so what will be next for the smart home? We look forward to finding out!

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