Top 5 Most Relaxing Colours For Bedrooms 16
May '19

Relaxation has many health and psychological benefits; it can reduce stress and your risk of falling ill, while boosting your mood, productivity and decision-making. So, what changes can we make to our bedrooms to ensure we remain relaxed and healthy at the end of each day?

We spend a third of our lives asleep, mostly in our bedrooms. Arguably, there is no more important room in terms of relaxation. Could you room be more soothing and peaceful? Below, we detail the top 5 colour schemes for an ambient, calming and cosy bedroom.

1) Blue/Green

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Nothing says relaxation more like getting in touch with nature. A gorgeous sky blue or pale green with the right bedroom lighting can be soothing and serene while remaining flexible with the rest of your decor.

For a bolder statement, while maintaining that same level of serenity, you may want to opt for forest green or deep blue.

2) Lavender

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Regal, calm and cool, lavender is an elegant and luxurious option for your master bedroom.

Muted lavender walls will have you feeling chilled in no time, removing stress and promising a sophisticated and mature aesthetic. You may want to counteract its cooling presence with warmer colours in your decor, though.

3) Grey

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Dramatic, yet without taking the attention away from your room’s stand-out design features, grey is proving to be a very popular option for people seeking a relaxing bedroom design.

Whether you opt for a dark, soothing grey or a cloudy, lighter shade on your walls, you can rest assured that you’ll rest deeply relaxed!

4) Beige

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If you’re looking for a relaxing colour scheme for your bedroom, you cannot go wrong with a soothing beige.

Beige is neutral enough to not draw away from your bedroom decor, while invoking a restful tone that’s perfect for unwinding on your bed after a long day at work.

5) Coral

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Pastel colours are increasingly popular for homeowners in 2019, particular in the bedroom. Why? Because they are muted, elegant and allow room for creativity elsewhere in the room.

Looking to join this trend but want to make sure you pick a relaxing tone? We recommend a nice, soothing coral.

Create your soothing sanctuary now

Get better sleep, remove any anxieties and instantly improve your mood at the end of the day by adopting one of these beautiful tones in your bedroom.

Need help deciding on more bedroom features? Transform your home with our bedroom design guide!

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