5 Tips To Create A Relaxing Bedroom This Autumn/Winter 1
Oct '18

Summer is ending. Those warm, sunny sessions out in the garden will soon make way for cosy mornings and evenings relaxing in your peaceful, soothing bedroom.

Follow our guide to ensure you wake up feeling relaxed, replenished and completely stress-free this autumn and winter.

1) Natural Designs and Trends

When it comes to relaxation, not a lot beats the soothing effect of nature. Embrace the outside from the comfort of your bed with design elements that echo the great outdoors. Soft greens, wooden furniture, floral aesthetics and an imaginative use of texture can be superb options for those seeking a natural theme.

It has been proven that houseplants are great stress relievers so try to include some attractive greenery in your bedroom to boost your mood. 

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2) A tidy room is a tidy mind

Designing and installing your new bedroom is just the beginning. Remember, in the words of Lifehack: “Your mind cannot live completely independently from our environment”. Therefore, clutter and mess in your bedroom can result in a lack of productivity, clarity and calmness.

By creating a room you’re proud to call your own, keeping it tidy should be very easy. If you’re struggling to store all of your belongings, consider smart-fitted wardrobes, under-bed storage, chests and/or cabinets.

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3) Relaxing bedroom lighting

It’s essential that you get the right lighting in your bedroom to ensure a relaxing atmosphere. We recommend using a combination of natural and artificial light to decorate the room.

Blackout blinds and/or curtains will guarantee a good night’s sleep, as well as provide privacy during the day. Soft, soothing lighting should be installed throughout and look for fixtures with a dimmer feature so that you can adjust the light intensity depending on your mood.

In terms of bedside lighting, go for something with a tall base and wide shade as this will guarantee light falls where it’s needed.

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4) Soothing colours for your bedroom

Getting your bedroom’s colour palette right is just as important as the lighting. Avoid bold and bright colours if you seek a serene space and instead look for cooler hues that create a sense of space. This includes dark and soft greys and blues, both of which are very on trend right now. Soft greens are another excellent option.

When picking a colour palette, you don’t want shades to compete with one another. The best, most relaxing bedrooms are filled with soft tones that complement one another to create a calming effect.

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5) Where should I position my bed?

The layout of your bedroom will often determine the position of your bed. If you are unsure of what angle to sleep at, the go-to option tends to be placing the head of the bed against the main wall of the room. However, we advise against doing this if there are pipes in said wall, as this can reduce your chances of a good night’s sleep.

For square bedrooms, position the bed at the central axis. If your bed is rectangular, try splitting the room into zones in relation to furniture such as chairs, tables, desks, bed, and so on.

Subconsciously, humans have a primal need to sleep in a secure location, so it may not be wise to have the bed on full view through the door. Another thing worth considering is your main source of natural light. Most people enjoy waking up to a bit of morning sun. If you are one of these people, aim to have the bed facing your main window.

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