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Sep '18

What goes into a luxury kitchen design? It's the most important room in the home which is why The Myers Touch put so much energy into shaping your kitchen into being the most desirable space for you.

There is no room in your home that is more important than the kitchen. It is the place where you create meals to nourish and sustain, drinks to hydrate or celebrate, and the key social hub for friends, family and guests.

This is why we put so much more attention and energy towards shaping your kitchen into being the most desirable space for you. So, what elements go into a luxury kitchen design?

Luxury kitchen storage ideas

Clever storage solutions are one of the most important concerns when it comes to luxury kitchen design. This is the place where you can either store or display the contents of your kitchen.

Food packaging, for example, would not be missed from the eyes of your guests. The conflicting colours of their packaging intruding on your carefully crafted kitchen colour scheme.

It’s no longer enough to have cupboards and draws in which we dump our packets and jars. Kitchen design has come a lot further, with careful planning and preparation put into the crafting of such units.

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We focus on accessibility and layout when we design our clients’ dream kitchens. With the use of SieMatic collections, we created clever hidden pantries and ‘dog-proof’ storage incorporated into this particular family home.

Draws are accompanied by internal storage, helping you to organise all of your foodstuffs. Shelves can be moved and separated to allow for even more room. So, not only is your packaging hidden away from guests, there is more space and more organisation allowed for.

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The same goes vice versa. Unless you are seeking a minimalist design, the kitchen would be quite empty if everything in the room was hidden away. There are some objects (and gifts) which would be perfect for a kitchen display.

Hanging racks for pots and pans, if you are seeking a rustic feel to the room. A show of tumblers and wine glasses can create an air of sophistication. Plants and flowers are also fashionable kitchen placements.

Some storage solutions hide things away while others put things on display. Getting the balance right is what helps create a luxury kitchen design. After all, what would a luxury kitchen be if it was not convenient, accessible and beautiful?

Luxury kitchen cabinets

Sometimes it is the finer things which make such a huge difference. Are you fed up of children slamming cupboards? Modern kitchen drawers and cupboard doors slow just before they close to offer a soft glide which shuts cabinets silently.

Drawers without handles have a little feature in which you press the drawer and it pops open slightly, instead of yanking the drawer open.

At The Myers Touch, these features come as standard with each and every single design we create. We love to pay attention to the finer details and make sure your experience in the kitchen is the greatest, every single day.

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In this example, we placed a white extractor fan on the ceiling to allow it to blend seamlessly with the rest of the room. Doing this meant we weren’t taking anybody’s eye away from the key feature of the room – the exceptional garden views.

Small features like this make the kitchen experience so much more enjoyable for you and they will certainly impress your guests.

Luxury Kitchen Colours

A luxury kitchen design does not mean making everything gold. There are so many varieties of colours which could be used in the home, and narrowing them down is a process. If you’re looking to go minimalist, white is the answer. Otherwise, warm and cool hues are generally the go-to.

However, using bold or dramatic colours could actually be the finishing touch which gives your kitchen that luxurious feeling. Clean and contemporary does not have to mean sterile.

Colours depend on your personality and tastes. If a minimalist white kitchen bores you, then bring some colour in using your cabinet doors. You could contrast cream walls with navy blue doors, or compliment warms hues with chestnut drawers.

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We added cheerful flare to one of our clients’ kitchen design using small accents of bold pink. The chairs and other features matched to truly bring the room together.

Your storage and displays can also be used to add flare to your kitchen design. Always remember, this room is yours, and yours to customise to your own tastes.

Interested in Luxury?

At The Myers Touch we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We know that the smallest features can mean just as much as the biggest. If you’re ready to progress your kitchen from a room to a luxurious social hub, get in touch today.

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