Top 5 Features of a Luxury Bathroom 5
Mar '19

What transforms a functional, practical bathroom into a luxurious space that holds a special place in your home? Discover the inspirational ideas your new luxury bathroom needs below!

1) Walk-in Shower

Contemporary, seamless and extremely easy to clean, it’s no wonder walk-in showers have become so popular in recent years.

When installing a walk-in shower, you have a lot more space to work with, meaning more freedom and creative license to create the bathroom of your dreams. This luxurious feature also has tremendous benefits in terms of accessibility, particularly for those with limited mobility.

If you’re looking for a bespoke, unique bathroom design, make full use of an easily customisable, doorless shower. Doing so will enable you to pick where and how you want the water to be directed, as well as your bathroom’s spaciousness, lighting and tile design.

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2) Freestanding Bathtub

What better focal point for your luxurious bathroom than an elegant, freestanding bathtub? Similarly to a walk-in shower, you can design and style a freestanding bathtub around your lifestyle and tastes, making it the ideal centrepiece for the room.

A large, comfortable freestanding bathtub is what everyone needs after a long and stressful day. Relax, unwind and reflect in a luxurious feature created with all of your preferences in mind.

Whether you want a double-ended slipper, roll-top bath or freestanding inset, get in touch with our expert retailers to find the freestanding tub to suit your wants and needs.

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3) Heated, luxurious flooring

You’ve just had a lovely, soothing bath and you are now ready to get out, only you don’t want to have to shiver in the contrastingly cool bathroom. What’s the solution? Heated flooring.

Bathrooms should no longer just be functional, they should be a place of tranquillity and relaxation. With this in mind, why not tackle the cold chill of winter by installing a heated floor in your increasingly luxurious bathroom?

From loose wire systems to StickyMats, get clued up on all your available underfloor heating options by getting in touch with your nearest Kbsa retailer!

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4) Elegant bathroom lighting

Perfecting your bathroom lighting is essential when creating a luxurious, peaceful space for your home. When picking lighting, you want to ensure you get the right balance between having enough visibility and illumination for safety purposes, without compromising on style or luxury.

It’s also crucial you pick light fittings that can withstand moisture and condensation, but our expert retailers can advise you on all of this and more.

Carefully selected, luxurious lighting in your bathroom will help you feel your best self when looking in the mirror, ensure you feel relaxed when enjoying a soak after a long day, and allow your eyes to adjust early in the morning and late at night.

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5) Deluxe Wash Basins & Taps

Bathroom taps and basins can make a huge difference in terms of transforming a practical bathroom into a luxurious one. These small yet impactful features, if selected wisely, can add the spark you’re looking for in your bathroom or ensuite.

Taps and basins are now innovatively designed features that can really bring a bathroom together. Those looking for an extra opulent and eye-catching feature may want to opt for a bespoke, hand-carved basin. This is a superb way of ensuring your bathroom is completely unique to you.

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Add a bit of luxury to your bathroom

Whether you’re looking for increased functionality or a more opulent theme, be sure to get in touch with our expert Kbsa approved retailers to transform your bathroom.

Looking for more bathroom inspiration? Check out our bathroom gallery for a wonderful variety of ideas and suggestions!

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