Did you know that some of the latest dishwashers on the market use just 6 litres of water for a full load? That’s less than it takes to fill your kitchen sink!

Choosing the right dishwasher can dramatically reduce energy bills - as well as helping to care for the environment and achieving sparkling results.

Whether you opt for a free standing model, a slimline, countertop or an integrated design, the latest generation of dishwashers are cost effective, quiet and packed with innovations for added convenience, as well as design features that will complement the look and feel of your kitchen.

Energy saving

Energy efficient models can mean big savings on your annual fuel bills. Some models use as little as 0.74kWh electricity thanks to new technology, such as sensors that measure the cleanliness of the water to achieve the perfect temperature – resulting in perfectly clean dishes first time around and reduced energy consumption when less heat is required. Other recent breakthroughs include half-load functionality, and Zeolith – a naturally occurring mineral that converts moisture to heat. For the environmentally conscious and those on a water meter, many dishwashers require only 6 litres of water for a full load of 13 place settings - less than washing up by hand.

Quiet models

Dishwashers have gone quiet in recent years! Innovative use of sound insulation means you can hold a conversation, listen to the radio or watch TV without interruption. Look out for 38 decibel models – quieter than a buzzing bee.


Many products now offer flexible baskets, cutlery trays and specialist racks as standard. These allow you to easily fit large or awkward shaped pans inside the dishwasher, as well as giving added convenience for loading cutlery and glassware. Models with an ‘Intensive Zone’ enable you to achieve great results when placing burnt pans and glasses in the same wash.


Go from zero to clean in just 20 minutes with no compromise on results. Look out for models with ‘TurboSpeed’ for dazzling dishes in no time at all.

Choosing a new Dishwasher?

What to ask?


Are you looking for a freestanding appliance or an integrated one? For integrated you can choose between fully integrated where the controls are hidden on the inside of the top of the door or semi integrated where the controls are on a visible control panel. Most dishwashers have a simple drop down door and pull out baskets, but there are a few options where the dishwasher is actually a big drawer.


How much do you want to wash? A dishwasher's capacity is calculated on the number of 'place settings' it holds. A place setting is means as 1 dinner plate, 1 soup plate, 1 dessert plate, 1 tea cup & saucer, 1 drinks glass, 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 soup spoon, 1 tea spoon and 1 dessert spoon.


Is your dishwasher space 60cm wide, 45cm width or another size? 45cm appliances normally take 8 place settings. 60cm take between 12 and 15 place settings. Most brands only make two sizes but there are other options such as smaller free standing table/ counter top models available which normally take 6 place settings or a 45cm tall 60cm wide integrated option which can be fitted at eye level and normally take 8 place settings.

Why is bigger better?

Generally, when people use their dishwasher, they load things in throughout the day and only turn the dishwasher on occasionally once it is completely full up – a bigger dishwasher makes this process simpler. There are a few 60cm fully integrated dishwashers which are genuinely bigger inside. These are called extra depth models – the interior base of the dishwasher is much closer to the floor in these models while on most models the interior base is 150m above the floor. Extra capacity is sometimes obtained by making the dishwasher walls thinner or having a smaller soap tablet dispenser.

Inside your dishwasher

Almost all dishwashers have a basket in the base and a second basket half way up the interior cavity, some have a small third basket which is very useful for washing cutlery and flat items like spatulas. If there is no third basket, cutlery is normally washed in an upright compartment at the front of the dishwasher which reduces the space available in the bottom basket.

Adjustable baskets make the dishwasher much easier to load and make load capacity much more flexible. Many dishwashers have a simple ‘click’ adjustment which moves the top basket up or down – for tall dinner plates on the bottom basket this is very useful, also for tall glasses on the top basket!