Fitted Kitchens and how the requirements of today’s consumers have changed.

Kitchens used to be supplied to fulfil a basic need, to provide some storage with most appliances fitted into housings and arranged to cover the kitchen space, occasionally sometimes a breakfast bar/small seating area would be incorporated in some larger kitchens.  Many consumers today have enlarged and extended their kitchen areas to include Media furniture as well as considering areas to entertain/eat and generally relaxing within one large open planned space with defined uses.

In today’s projects consumers are looking for a greater level of professional knowledge, this is where Kbsa designers can help guide customers through the vast range of furniture styles and in some case’s customisation to suit their specific requirement without incurring high manufacturing costs.

The latest trends in materials and decors bring functionality and aesthetics in the design of interior spaces. These innovations in board manufacturing techniques in structured/synchronised material allows kitchen furniture manufacturers to produce luxury furniture that not only creates texture and colour, but is easy to clean, durable and reflects the true beauty of contemporary finishes for today’s lifestyles.

One of the biggest changes in the kitchen industry has been the many space saving interior storage solutions which allows customers to maximise how they store goods with maximum efficiency and ease of access. If used correctly, it can help ensure the kitchen becomes a functional and ergonomic work space that’s safe and a pleasure to use. The wide use of open decorative units are now becoming more popular, allowing customers to use these spaces to individually display various objects that help decorate and become as an important aspect of the kitchen as the oven and sink. The use of mixing colours/finishes/textures and various materials like glass, solid surfaces, quartz and granite worktops are widely used throughout the industry to provide durable and decorative finishes for so many applications.

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Kitchen Appliances.

Advances in LED lighting technologies has made significant benefits to how domestic interiors can look, but more importantly, it helps to create varying moods and colour lighting for a vast array of living styles. LED lighting is incorporated more and more into kitchen furniture by kitchen manufacturers as it can assist the installation process and also highlight furniture interiors.

Also in common with the fast changing pace is to provide customers with every possible convenience for the domestic kitchen, appliance manufacturers have not been slow to respond. Customers today can choose from an array of combination ovens/coffee machines and steam ovens, soft close, frost free refrigeration, hot and cold filtered taps which work so efficiently, the days of the using a kettle are numbered.

Many customers insist on including every modern appliance in their kitchen from air extraction that looks like a chandelier to built in wine cabinets.