There are many types of worktop available today in the UK – from cheaper laminates and wood to more expensive composite stone and granite. Most kitchen studios will offer some variation of all of these.

If you are looking for a stone worktop and are bemused by the variation in price, it is worth noting that a lot of the non-branded cheap material still may come at a cost as you will usually be compromising on quality and assurance. A recognisable brand name may cost more, but what you spend you will save on peace of mind with a branded material that offers warranty, certification and other extras such as bacteriostatic protection and durability.

Looks may score highly when choosing a kitchen worktop, but think about the type of use it's going to get, and whether the material is up to the job. Ideally, it needs to have high stain and heat resistance, easy to clean, hygienic, extremely durable and within your budget. You won't find a worktop that ticks all these boxes, so consider what your priorities are, and what you're prepared to compromise on.

Tip 1

Consider what sort of upstand will work well with your worktop – this runs along the back edge and can be anything from about 100 to 600mm high

Tip 2

Remember: some  worktop materials offer matching sinks, tiles, wall cladding etc…but not all will so its worth asking first.

Tip 3

If you are renovating with a view to sell – stick with neutral colours and decent materials which will add appeal and value to the property