Waste disposal units are a real bonus to any kitchen, disposing of waste, reducing smells and trips out to the bin. They instantly liquefy food waste into fine particles which are easily flushed away into the main drain, rather than going to landfill. So they’re not just kitchen friendly but environmentally friendly too.

And with today’s busier lifestyles and increasing demands on our time, we are all keen on labour saving devices that can help us enjoy our leisure time to the full, whilst at the same time creating a clean and hygienic environment in the home.

Safe and easy to use, having a waste disposal unit (WDU) at your sink area is an ideal way to get rid of leftovers, tea bags, coffee grounds, Chicken bones and veg peelings. Instead of scraping them into the bin where they inevitably begin to pong, a waste disposal unit will grind them into fine particles which are flushed away through the normal waste pipe system. This process can also aid recycling as the waste is transformed into a soil conditioner at the treatment plant.

It’s estimated that food waste accounts for 25% of household waste, so using a food waste disposer not only means fewer trips out to the wheelie bin for you, but also results in a substantial reduction of waste going to landfill which is good for everyone.

Installing a food waste disposer is straightforward either in a new or existing kitchen. It’s fitted below the waste hole in your sink, usually in the smaller half bowl. You can choose from batch feed or motorised and they offer different performance levels to deal with differing household waste requirements, with price points for every budget.

Food waste disposers are an unsung hero of the modern kitchen. They are extremely durable and a good quality manufacturer will offer warranties of up to five years.