The sink area is the ‘hotspot’ where we spend 60% of our time in the kitchen, preparing food, washing up and performing other cleaning tasks. So it’s important that you give careful consideration to the design, the functionality and the material of your sink. It needs to look good and perform well.

There are four types of sink – inset, undermount, flushmount and Belfast.

Inset which means a hole is cut into the worksurface and it is ‘set in’. This is the most popular sink style because it is the easiest and cheapest to install and partners with all types of worksurface materials.

Undermount sinks are mounted to the underside of the worksurface and drainer grooves machined into the face. A flushmount sink is a top end look and here the sink sits perfectly flush with the worksurface. A Belfast sink partners well with granite and wood worksurfaces and requires a special cabinet underneath to support it.

Acrylic sinks are another top end style where the sink is seamlessly integrated into a solid surface worksurface for a smooth, continuous flow.

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Materials wise, you also have four options: stainless steel, granite, ceramic and acrylic.  All of which offer beautiful, long lasting looks and give you the freedom to mix and match colours and materials to suit your kitchen style. Stainless steel is the UK’s no 1 choice of material, combining utility chic with the design versatility to go with any colour worksurface, door frontal and appliance.

Granite is popular too for its high performance characteristics and opportunity to introduce a colour dimension to a scheme. Ceramic is of course a classic favourite and there’s traditional and contemporary styles to choose from.

Sinks come in all different shapes and sizes, offering single, one and half bowls and double bowl options. Do you prefer a large single bowl for washing up those larger cooking utensils and general cleaning, or multiple bowls and integrated accessories to create a multi-functional wet zone workstation?

The latest work centre sinks incorporate innovations such as integrated bins for storage and waste from food preparation, as well as a push-button pop-up wastebins, and cleverly recessed overflows so that water collected on the drainer is always isolated from the main bowl.

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Functionality is a key thing to consider because this is what enhances the day to day experience of your sink. Well designed accessories are crucial and models can be supplied with a draining basket, chopping board and strainer bowls. 

When choosing your sink, give some thought to having waste disposal unit too. They can be plumbed in very easily, are simple and convenient to use, hygienic, and eco-friendly. They make disposing food waste super easy.

All sinks need regular cleaning with a suitable product. Many sink manufacturers offer 50 years or even lifetime guarantees on their products – which goes to show what a workhorse a kitchen sink is in the home.