Helpful advice and tips

It is highly recommended when you undertake any kind of major interior project, especially within the kbb sector you ensure the people you take advice from are members of a professional independent body whose aims and aspirations are carefully vetted and audited like the Kbsa.  Although through its membership the diverse range of experience and products offered will vary, one thing is for sure, that you will be provided with sound and professional advice supported invariably with a comprehensive installation service from the initial design stages to completion.

It is now becoming increasingly important and generally supported by leading manufacturers that every Kbsa member keeps themselves fully conversant with the many product/material changes and developmental improvements being introduced throughout the industry.

Remember, the project is about YOU and the lifestyle changes YOU want to make, ask as many questions as you like and challenge concepts that are not to your brief.

The professional designer will never accept things being 'just alright', they will ensure their interpretation of your brief is what you want and will be happy to live with for many years.