The 5 Gadgets Your Bedroom Needs in 2019 & 2020 4
Sep '19

From iPads to Alexas, curved televisions to smart meters, home technology is accelerating at a rapid rate. But what are the most useful gadgets your bedroom needs?

Add these items to your tech wishlist to transform your bedroom’s design and functionality, making it a comfortable haven you’ll never want to leave!

1) Amazon Echo

By now, you’ve probably heard of Alexa, right? If not, Alexa is the voice-activated Artificial Intelligence (AI) created by Amazon. It is installed on many of Amazon’s flagship devices, the most popular of which is the Echo.

Capable of checking the weather and the latest news, playing and finding music, controlling your smart home devices, managing shopping lists and much more, the Amazon Echo is the perfect addition to your bedroom if you want to make the most of Alexa’s capabilities.

Price: £89.99 on Amazon.

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2) Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

Ever realised how it’s easier to wake up naturally in the summer than it is in the winter? The bright, warm glow of the sun creeping through your curtains and the promise of lovely weather makes it an absolute breeze to arise from your slumber, unlike the chilly, dark mornings of winter.

Well, with a sunrise simulation alarm clock, it’s a summer morning every morning, all year round. Pick up the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock and you will ease into your days calm, relaxed and motivated thanks to its ten personalised light intensities.

Price: £77.59 on Amazon.

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3) Snooz

Described as “an ultra-portable white noise machine that turns your bedroom into a haven for sleep,” Snooz is the perfect gadget for a healthy slumber.

White noise is proven to help you sleep better, and Snooz uses a natural fan to create soothing sounds such as the wind blowing to help you drift off. You can control Snooz via bluetooth and it uses 98% less energy than a regular fan.

Price: Snooz is currently only available in the US, but you can pick it up from Amazon for $79.99. There are also various alternative yet similar devices on Amazon’s UK store.

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4) Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

Hayfever lovers are going to love this one… The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link “automatically removes 99.85% of all allergens and pollutants from the air”.

This device will make your room much more welcoming, refreshing and serene, ensuring a steady stream of purified air, making it the ideal solution to those hot and stuffy summer evenings.

Price: £489.95 on Amazon.

5) Smart Bedside Table

These days, one of the most frustratingly fiddly and untidy aspects of a bedroom are tangled wires.

Whether it’s your tablet or phone charging, you want it near where you’re resting your head. Unfortunately, that usually results in wires snaking around your bed and bedside table. But not anymore, thanks to the invention of smart bedside tables.

IKEA’s NORDLI bedside table “lets you run the wires through the back and so you have a bedside charging station without visible cables.” If you’re a bit of a ‘neat freak’, this should be the first thing on your shopping list!

Price: £70 from IKEA.

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Continue transforming your bedroom design

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