Top 4 Kitchen Layout Styles 21
Jan '19

There are an array of factors to consider when redesigning your kitchen, but the foundations start with the layout style.

Choosing a style is a basic choice determined by the size and shape of the room, as well as your personal preference.

To help you decide on a kitchen layout, here are your top four options.

Galley Kitchen

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This style of kitchen works perfectly for those of you who are struggling for space. If the room’s space is small or deep (rather than wide), a galley kitchen will work perfectly for you. Galley kitchens have two long walls running parallel to each other, with a narrow aisle down the middle. This layout makes access to the work triangle more convenient than ever.

The most important things to remember when designing your galley kitchen are aisle space, light and storage. With this style, it is better to use lighter colours to open up the smaller-sized room. However, you can opt for a two-tone look by complementing the colour of your cupboard doors with the walls.

L-shaped kitchen

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An L-shaped kitchen sets cabinets and work surfaces along two walls but at a perpendicular angle - rather than parallel like in a galley kitchen. This versatile layout enables you to have more open space while keeping everything you need close to hand.

This is an excellent choice for smaller rooms and open plan spaces. It efficiently uses the available wall space for effective storage without compromising on the room’s open space.

By having the walls set out this way, there is enough room to have an island or peninsula, bringing additional benefits to the room.

Central Islands

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Whether your kitchen is galley or L-shaped, a central island feature is the perfect addition if you have the space.

Islands and peninsulas are ideal for smoothing out workflow and they create a pleasing aesthetic with a bold dash of colour. On top of this, they will provide extra room for storage as well as additional space for preparation, work and dining.

If you’re hosting a few friends, a kitchen with an island is an excellent setting, providing space for preparing and dishing up food and drinks for your guests, without them getting in the way.

U-shaped kitchen

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Unlike the previous kitchen layouts, the U-shape adopts three walls rather than two. With that extra wall, the U-shaped kitchen provides plenty of space for food preparation or standing. You won’t have to worry about where to put all of your prepared meals when you’re hosting a party in this kitchen!

If you are using a U-shaped kitchen in a smaller room, avoid overhead cabinets as these can make the space feel cluttered. Try to leave some wall space on view to create an open atmosphere.

Get the perfect kitchen layout

Nothing beats a professionally designed, bespoke kitchen. Our retailers can create the perfect layout for your room. Find your nearest retailer or look at our inspiration gallery to get those creative juices flowing!

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